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A good sports massage requires an understanding of the underlying anatomy of the body


Different techniques are used to help avoid injury, or speed up recovery. It improves circulation, relieves pain, increases range, normalizing muscle tone and releasing both muscular
and mental tension.


Elite athletes typically make use of regular sports massage, as part of an overall maintenance program. This is to improve performance and accelerate recovery in between sessions.


Casual athletes and weekend warriors use sports massage too, when pushing new boundaries



       Athletes and non-athletes alike can enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of sports massage as well.  Joint range is improved, lactic acid removed, endorphins released and cortisol levels lowered - all allowing for reduced pain and tension relief.


A qualified physiotherapist
performs all sessions.
Muscle tightness can also be caused
by imbalances, muscle weakness
or other pathologies relating
to the musculoskeletal system. It is important to use this tool properly and where relevant. 

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