Jessie-lou Workman

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Hi! I'm Jessie :)  Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

Hi! I'm Jessie :)
Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor


JLW Studio is a Physiotherapy, Fitness Lab and Massage Studio with an interest in movement and sport founded by
Jessie-Lou Workman.

We are based in Muizenberg, the little surf town on the south peninsula of Cape Town. We have a fierce passion for all things active and we want to get you
back on your feet!

We work in the management of pain through Manual Techniques involving different types of Massage, Fascial Release, Joint Mobilisations and Dry Needling.

Injury prevention is addressed by identifying predisposing factors that may cause reoccurring pain with a focus on sports performance enhancement appropriate to your
level and involvement in sport. 

Each appointment is tailored around you as an individual and what you aim to achieve. We believe that it is possible to live pain free, whilst enjoying the experience of your body moving the way it is designed to move. Our treatment techniques are up to date with the latest medical research, as these factors are continually being updated and improved upon. 

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