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Active Performance and Injury Rehabilitation Space


Become involved in your Rehab!

This is an Active
Performance and
Injury Rehabilitation Space


Sessions are tailored around your posture, injury history, muscle imbalances and goals.

A controlled environment where the movements required of your sport are understood and catered for.

We offer a 10 Session package of focused classes, booked according to
your schedule. 


Performance enhancement, injury rehabilitation and prevention within all adventure athlete groups

Ocean | Mountain | Trail

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Classes are private and progress according to the individual’s advancements. 

Fit Lab is also suitable for the individual with an casual active lifestyle, wanting to
achieve better body movement and increase levels of sporting ability
and fitness. 

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We will focus on;

  • Increase strength to
    weight ratio 

  • Muscle antagonistic work 

  • Core and stabilizer work 

  • Balance 

  • Body awareness 

  • Personalized goal setting 


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